Ron Smith

  • Ron Smith

Vice Mayor Ron Smith wants to know “What Do YOU Think?” Give your comments and ideas for the City of Lancaster. Report crime and graffiti. Stay connected on YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook.


  • About: It provides information about the Mayor Ron Smith
  • News: Shows the latest news which get fetched from the backend, the user can have a detailed look over the news.
  • Contact: Provides all the contact information of the City and Grafitti.
  • Crime Tip: Here the user can find information about the nearby authority and can mail or call for any help.
  • Code Enforcement: User can sent a message to any community contact which get saved in the backend and through an interface get received by the concerned person. The person can reply to the message
  • Events: Shows the upcoming events which is been managed by the backend.
  • Gallery: Comprises of the pictures of latest events.
  • Inbox: The reply sent by the concerned person for the request raised by the user get displayed in the message box.